26 4 / 2012

I know it’ll be an absolute success, all the tickets are going to be sold out and they will gain more fans.

The reason that worries me a bit is that even though they already had concerts outside korea, it’s always been in Asia.

Asian fans are super polite, they don’t invade personal space,  of course we have the crazy fans but they are few compared to the ones that try to make them comfortable by staying behind the lines. Fanchants are a proof of how well organized and respectful they are. ( here we just scream crazily)

Now, I don’t know about other countries but at least in Latin America… oh boy!

It’s a cultural thing, for us there is nothing wrong about doing whatever you can to be on the front row. A friend of mine once kissed a security guard to let her go backstage for a Black Eyed Peas concert. ( and he was GROSS)

Big Bang seems to be very shy with strangers, so I’m worried about how they will react when girls thow bras ( and maybe thongs) at them onstage with their phone numbers on. If they have a chance they’ll throw themselves into the stage in order to get a kiss or grab someone’s bum.

I remember last carnival at my town, Enrique Iglesias had a mini-concert, and the crowd was absolutely crazy. A girl stepped in the security fence and climbed that metal structure that supports the side of the stage, when security went to get her Enrique stopped them, helped her into the stage and kissed her on the lips.

This is very common here, and the rest of the fans were like : YEAAH YOU GO GIRL!! YOU ROCK!! GRAB HIS BUTT!! ( LOL) . Now, I know BB wont kiss any of us ( sadly) but this doesnt mean girls wont try to get one.

So please BB, dont freak out, we can get a bit crazy at concerts but we mean no harm. <3

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Just in case y’all didn’t catch it the first time!

Check it out, Much love

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